About Us

USW is an organization dedicated to making the whole experience of windsurfing a more positive one for those that choose to windsurf in the USA.

We accomplish this with the selfless work of a volunteer
Board of Directors and part-time Executive Director.

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To encourage participation and promote excellence and enjoyment in recreational windsurfing and racing in the United States.

Vision Statement:

US Windsurfing is a member-based organization that ensures the growth of recreational and competitive windsurfing in the United States. The mission is accomplished via the provision of products, services and marketing activities that are designed to meet the needs of all its member groups. While accomplishing our mission we affirm the US SAILING principles of good sportsmanship, safety, fair play, equal opportunity and fun in windsurfing by people of all ages and abilities.

The Purposes of US Windsurfing include but shall not be limited to:

• Facilitating participation in windsurfing for both recreation and competition
• Promoting safety, water access and water quality
• Disseminating information on windsurfing to members and the public
• Supporting member clubs and associations
• Promoting fair, fun and safe racing for all levels of ability
• Administering the US Windsurfing and International Racing Rules of Sailing/Guidelines
• Issuing and registering sail numbers for national and international competition
• Fostering a national ranking system for competitors
• Serving as a Council of US SAILING
• Interacting with windsurfing organizations in other countries



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